Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sex, Motherhood, and Rock-n-Roll

Welcome to the inaugural installment of SMR!! I'm going to try this out and see if this is something I can keep up with. Always wanted to blog but never felt I had much to say so let's throw this on the wall and see if it sticks.

I will do my best to stay on point with the blog title but I'm not making any further promises. Whatever I want to blog about's going here. And I'm not promising to keep on a schedule but I will do my best to post something at least 1-2x a month.

My intro: N, 33 yo, happily married for 10 years to B, and we have 2 girls. G is 3 and S is almost 6 months old. Most likely my blogs will contain them in some shape or form.

Currently my working situation is what I'd always hoped for. I'm working from home full-time for a publishing company. However, that situation is only temporary, as I've been downsized as of last year when the office I was working in shuttered and relocated halfway across the country, and opted to consolidate my duties into another position. So be careful what you wish for, you just might get it! I will most likely bitch about that as well, along with my search for a new employer. Oh yes, I am a heathenous working mom who puts her kids in daycare for someone else to raise. You'll hear about that too.

But what about the sex and rock-n-roll? Well, how do you think I got the kids? LOL

Yep, I'll blog about that stuff too. My musical tastes for the most part run to the more hard rock/metal spectrum (but aren't limited there), and when it comes to S-E-X, just because I'm married with kids doesn't mean that I don't enjoy the occasional trip to the local adult novelty shop to add to my boudoir collection.

Gotta get back to life now so I can get some more fodder for this thing.

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