Thursday, July 24, 2008

Payback's a Bitch and She's Covered in Cheese

So, the whole trying to get G to eat her veggies thing isn't working. Me and B are fairly picky eaters, him moreso than me. He had an infamous run-in with peas when he was about 7. His mom said he couldn't get up from the table til he ate them. He slept at the table that night, peas still untouched. Next morning his mom says, get up it's time for school. "But mom I still didn't finish my peas so I can't leave the table to go to school..." I think there was a spanking involved afterward.

We all happened to go to the grocery store together and talked about them with her. She indicated she would eat veggies if they had shakey cheese (parmesan) on them. GREAT!!! We pick up two cans of it and tons of veggies. I was making S's baby food anyway so it was a good excuse.

Fast forward to last night. Sausage and bell peppers/onions for dinner with a bit of rice. We put a small piece of red bell on G's plate. Put the shakey cheese on it. She takes it to her mouth...and proceeds to suck the cheese off of it while somehow avoiding actually chewing and swallowing the pepper itself. We try everything to get her to digest it. Bribery, removal of privileges, time-outs, you name it. Nope, not happening. Fer cryin' out loud it's not like it's a bitter vegetable. I intentionally picked a sweeter veg so she wouldn't be so stubborn in fighting us. This went on for the better part of an hour. Finally we gave up but told here nothing else for the rest of the night (she got a fruit bar and a bit of milk at bedtime, we're not that heartless just yet).
Of course, when either me or B talk to our moms about this, all they do is smile and laugh. And remind us of how picky we were at that age, and older. Yeah, thanks, whole lotta good you two are for sympathy...sheesh...

It drives me nuts to hear about kids not being picky and eating whatever is put in front of them, and happily I might add, and how fucking SMUG their parents are over it. You don't hear them going "Oh we had such a struggle with her not eating her organically grown free range babymicroarugulasprouts." These people obviously don't live with the rest of us regular Joes who have nightly battles at the dinner table over carrots. It took forever for G just to eat frikin mac n cheese, the staple of toddlers everywhere!! She loves fruit, meat, and dairy but oh the travails when a green bean enters her field of vision. And there's nothing we as parents can say about it, because we inflicted the same thing on our moms and their cooking.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sex, Motherhood, and Rock-n-Roll

Welcome to the inaugural installment of SMR!! I'm going to try this out and see if this is something I can keep up with. Always wanted to blog but never felt I had much to say so let's throw this on the wall and see if it sticks.

I will do my best to stay on point with the blog title but I'm not making any further promises. Whatever I want to blog about's going here. And I'm not promising to keep on a schedule but I will do my best to post something at least 1-2x a month.

My intro: N, 33 yo, happily married for 10 years to B, and we have 2 girls. G is 3 and S is almost 6 months old. Most likely my blogs will contain them in some shape or form.

Currently my working situation is what I'd always hoped for. I'm working from home full-time for a publishing company. However, that situation is only temporary, as I've been downsized as of last year when the office I was working in shuttered and relocated halfway across the country, and opted to consolidate my duties into another position. So be careful what you wish for, you just might get it! I will most likely bitch about that as well, along with my search for a new employer. Oh yes, I am a heathenous working mom who puts her kids in daycare for someone else to raise. You'll hear about that too.

But what about the sex and rock-n-roll? Well, how do you think I got the kids? LOL

Yep, I'll blog about that stuff too. My musical tastes for the most part run to the more hard rock/metal spectrum (but aren't limited there), and when it comes to S-E-X, just because I'm married with kids doesn't mean that I don't enjoy the occasional trip to the local adult novelty shop to add to my boudoir collection.

Gotta get back to life now so I can get some more fodder for this thing.