Monday, July 16, 2012

Learning The Ways of Geekery: Intro

As the past year as rolled out in front of us, G and S have begun proper lessons in geekery and have shown their likes and dislikes, and their geek personality types have revealed themselves.  This has been an absolute hoot to watch.  They both enjoy playing simple games together like Zombie Dice and Angry Birds.  G is the shyer of the two and is more deliberate in her game style.  S, on the other hand, is a bulldozer and so far enjoys a more "hack and slash" game style.  They're also beginning to delve some into comics but at this time haven't shown much preference as to characters or storylines; it's all good at this point. 

We are fortunate to have the opportunity to take them to events and places both local and regional.  Honestly, I think we learn just as much as they do (I know I do), and these shorter trips serve as our family vacation experiences.  Thankfully we've not turned into the Griswolds on the road just yet.  I'll be breaking down the past year's (and beyond) experiences into several parts by theme, then going forward will strive to blog more immediately after the event.

First up, Comics and Superheroes!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

I'm Baa-aack, and Geekier Than Ever!

Yeah yeah I suck at blogging, so sue me.  Anyhoo, the short catch-up version of life as I know it: B and I are now 14 years married and G and S never fail to amaze and surprise us with their kid-brains going a mile a minute.  My mother-in-law's situation settled down about 3 months after my last post and she is now in a long-term care facility.  Oh yeah, and we moved to bigger digs.  The dog is finally beginning to show her age, she is 9 1/2 years old.  I can't get over the fact I have to think of her as a "senior dog" and have to buy the senior dog food.  I've changed jobs and been hired back to my old job, so that was a wild ride.

The gaming and convention bug has now gone systemic in me since I posted and we're now regulars at Gen Con.  2011 was the first year we brought G and S with us and they will be joining us from here on out if we have anything to say about it.  I've gotten involved more in a social gaming group based on the Gen Con forums (shout-out to my Gamer Wenches!) and through them, I have organized two seminar panels for 2012 (okay, so it was more of an, "if you build it, they will come" premise); I will also be assisting on a third panel held by a fellow GW.  This is my first year as an organizer and panelist, so be kind!!

Thur: 12 noon - 1 pm: Attending Conventions With Your Baby/Toddler/Child
  • I will be assisting as a panelist discussing the ups, downs, and logistics of bringing your younglings to conventions big and small.
Fri: 4 pm - 5:30 pm: Women in Gaming
  • Referred to in certain circles as, "Oh God Not This Shit Again!!"  Yes, it's that shit again.  We will be discussing the female experience in the gaming industry, covering both tabletop and online gaming environments as  consumers (and maybe even the design end if we get input from that side).  Many topics will be covered, as this is a "potpourri" style seminar.  We will do a bit of Q&A but also will facilitate discussion between attendees.  I may be at the head table but that doesn't mean I'm a subject matter expert; I learn just as much from the audience as the panelists when I've sat with the masses.  I'm so excited to have blogger extraordinaire Nicole Wakelin from Total Fan Girl and GeekMom joining us as a panelist.  
 Sun: 11 am - 12:30 pm: Motherhood and Gaming
  • Following the same format as Friday's talk, we'll be discussing how becoming, and being a mom can change your gaming experience.  I selected Sunday to have this because Gen Con hosts its Family Fun Day then.  The lovely Adrienne Jones from blogsite Baby ToolKit will be joining me (most likely but need to firm this up) as a panelist.
The seminars are open to everyone regardless of gender or parent status and are free to attend once you've got your Gen Con badge.  Pre-registration is wrapping up very quickly, on June 30th, but badges will be available onsite.

I'll try to pick back up on blogging again but I'm still not making any promises.  I know myself too well.